Any form of action against a business from the Police or a Regulatory Authority can be complex and time consuming. It is important that your business instructs a strong and experienced legal team who can be contacted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Thankey Mahet Legal’s business defence team has expertise in all areas from initial interview to proceedings before the Magistrates and Crown Courts including appeal to the Higher Appeal Courts. We have links with senior Barristers and Queens Counsel and often arrange early conferences with Counsel should the matter permit.

An experienced legal team instructed early in the investigation can influence the direction of the investigation, ensuring that the interests of your company are protected. An investigation into a business can have a profound effect on the company, directors and shareholders. We as a business understand your concerns and will provide strategic advice throughout the process.

We have years of experience of dealing with Authorities such as The Police, Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards, VOSA and other Government bodies.

Thankey Mahet Legal provides services in this vast area covering matters such as (but not restricted to):

  • Interviews under Caution (available 24 Hours per day)
  • Representation to Government Bodies and other Authorities
  • VAT Fraud
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Disqualified Directors
  • Employment of Illegal Employees
  • VOSA Proceedings
  • Health and Safety Actions
  • Trading Standards Actions
  • Environment Agency Proceedings
  • Proceedings in the Magistrates Court
  • Proceedings in the Crown Court
  • Appeals

We offer both an hourly rate and fixed fee service dependant on the nature of your transaction. We are transparent with regards to fees and disbursements from the outset and will keep you updated at all material times during your transaction. Please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0116 247 0022 should you require a quote or any further information.

Our Other Commercial Services

Resendential Conveyancing

Thankey Mahet Legal has the expertise in advising and representing all kinds of businesses that buy or sell residential properties. We represent all companies from sole traders and partnerships to limited companies and PLC’s whether the transaction is for investment purposes or otherwise.

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Commercial Property - Business

Thankey Mahet Legal understands the massive opportunities that are open to businesses seeking commercial property. Whether you are buying land to develop or sell, converting buildings into flats, offices, creating multiple occupancy properties or simply buying to relocate business premises, our commercial property team can advise and assist no matter what your circumstance are.

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Leases - Business

Thankey Mahet Legal acts for individual clients as well as businesses in all types of lease transactions. We currently represent large institutional landlords and PLC Tenants as well as smaller individuals and businesses.

Leases prepared for individuals and businesses have different permutations, whether you are a landlord or tenant, as your legal representatives we will ensure that your interests are protected.

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Sale and Purchase of Business

A sale or purchase of a business requires extensive knowledge of dealing with matters relating to existing leases or existing tenancies, fixtures and fittings and goodwill.

We have a professional team of experienced solicitors who can guide you through the transaction and protect your interests.

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